What is a switch?

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What is a switch?

A switch is an assistive technology device that is commonly used by those with physical or cognitive difficulties to operate computer software, mains powered devices, battery toys, communication devices and more.

The term “switches” includes a large selection of access-based devices and input methods that allow a single movement to be used to control a wide range of technology for communication and learning.

Most switches are mechanical in operation, giving tactile and auditory feedback to the user, and connect by a 3.5mm phono jack plug cable.

Although all switches perform the same action, they are produced in different sizes and shapes with different operating pressures to suit individual situations. 

Typically they can be identified under three distinct forms: 

Button Switch

The button switch, such as the Jelly Bean Switch, is the most common type of wired switch.

It is usually activated by a hand press and is available in different sizes and colours.

Jelly Bean SwitchJelly Bean Switch

Specialist Switch

When an individual is unable to easily activate a switch with a hand press, a specialist switch, such as the low-profile Pal Pad Switch, may be required.

This type of switch allows the individual to activate it without having to raise their hand and with very little pressure.

Pal Pad SwitchPal Pad Switch

Wireless Switch

Using a wireless switch, such as the it-Switch, means that the individual is not restricted by the length of the switch cable or concerned with the safety hazards of a wired connection.

It will also allow the individual to operate their device at a greater distance.

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