Linkimals Activity Idea

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Linkimals Activity Idea

Browse our collection of switch adapted Linkimals toys, which introduce learners to educational concepts like shapes, counting, colours and early words with fun lights, music, phrases and sing-along songs. These delightful and engaging light up toys link, sync and play together.

Engage your learners in interactive play and help them to learn important skills and concepts with the following fun activity! 

1) Gather a group of learners in the classroom, each with their favourite Linkimals toy and their switch of choice positioned comfortably.

2) Direct each learner to activate their Linkimals in turn until they are all playing simultaneously and interacting with each other. 

3) Encourage your learners to play, sing, move, listen and learn together whilst practicing their switching skills. 

4) Develop your learners understanding of cause and effect and improve their turn taking and timing skills whilst making lots of noise in a creative and energetic environment! 

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