HelpKidzLearn, created by Inclusive Technology, is the home of multiple online services, enabling children of all ages and abilities to play, develop and achieve. Teachers, therapists, carers and parents can provide accessible game-based learning activities, creative personalised choice-making activities, access readymade curriculum activities and sensory stories, or assess and develop early vision and cognition behaviours.

Each HelpKidzLearn product can be accessed by a wide variety of access methods including mouse and keyboard, touch screens and interactive classroom displays, one or two switches and eye gaze technology. They can also be accessed securely online via Windows and Mac PC, or Chromebook. Alternatively, learners can play all touch-accessible activities directly on an iPad using supported browsers.

Games & Activities

Over 300 accessible game-based learning activities organised into meaningful learning objectives and key milestones, designed to engage, motivate and teach a progression of skills.

Inclusive Stories

Engaging, interactive sensory stories designed to focus on a range of learning intentions, developmental areas, and topics relevant for learners with a wide range of educational needs.

ChooseIt Maker

Create, edit and play personalised learning activities that can be used in your classroom and with individual students securely online on any device including WIndows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad or Android tablets!

ChooseIt Readymades

Multiple choice, play-based curriculum activities that provide a secure foundation for learning.


Assess and develop early vision & cognition skills with eye gaze, game-based assessment activities.