Virtual Reality in Special Education

Virtual Reality in Special Education
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Virtual Reality in Special Education


Diagnosis: ASD

Mohammed really struggles with new situations and experiences. He often becomes very distressed with any slight changes. With this in mind the staff at Pendle View didn’t think Mohammed would use the VR let alone enjoy any experience it could offer.

Staff allowed Mohammed to explore the headset, and in his own time he soon became settled and happy to use the headset. Although Mohammed would not wear the headset he would place it over his eyes then take it off and look around. Each time he did this he would keep the headset to his eyes for longer periods.

Mohammed's persona was completely calm throughout the experience. Staff were totally amazed with how he dealt with each activity. He particularly enjoyed the hot air balloon ride.

Following Mohammed’s trial, Pendle View School are now looking to buy a 360º camera which will allow them to film situations which Mohammed and other ASD students struggle with and hopefully help them to deal with new situations better.

Video of Mohammed using Inclusive ClassVR:



Diagnosis: Speech difficulties

Staff at Pendle View often experience difficulties understanding Jacob’s speech. They hoped that this new experience would engage and excite him enough to express his thoughts vocally.

He is an outgoing student with a lively personality and they knew that he would enjoy VR. But he far exceeded staff's expectations

Jacob used Inclusive ClassVR as part of a group of students. His speech was unbelievable, he used a wide range of vocabulary when describing what he could see. Using words that we had never witness before. He communicated with his friends and encouraged them to look around while exploring each VR experience.

It encouraged him to use a wide range of vocabulary and described each VR experience with great detail. He was amazed by what he could see and told us that he loved the headsets. Staff at Pendle View are now using VR regularly with Jacob to push the boundaries of his vocal limitations.

Video of Jacob using Inclusive ClassVR:



Diagnosis: ASD

Abraham is a very lively character. He usually likes to move around a lot whilst clapping, tapping objects and is often very vocal. Similarily to Mohammed, Abraham doesn't often tolerate new experiences well.

Staff didn't think he would use the headset as they didn't think he would settle enough to be able to experience the VR.

With no time restraints, the Pendle View staff allowed him to explore the headset at his own pace. Allowing him to become accustomed with the device and give him the opportunity to hold the headset up to his eyes then taking it off again. Abraham soon became extremely calm and even sat on the floor! He soon become happy to wear the headset and explore the world that he was looking at. Staff were extremely shocked and delighted with what they saw.

Abraham was very calm through the entire session. What was even more amazing was that he continued this behaviour when he went back to his normal class afterwards. It was lovely to see him calm, and to explore using the VR. Staff will now continue to use the VR to allow him to explore new situations that he is unsure about.

Video of Abraham using Inclusive ClassVR:



Diagnosis: Global learning difficulties

Jessica is a very happy little girl but can be very quiet and staff at Pendle View often have difficulties understanding her speech.

Jessica is a very curious individual and loves to explore new experiences, so staff knew that Jessica would love Inclusive ClassVR following the amazing trials with previous students named in this document.

She became totally immersed within the activities straight away! Jessica looked around… exploring, putting out her hand as if to try and touch the objects. She became very vocal, chatting about what she could see.

Her entire persona after using Inclusive ClassVR was of calmness. Staff also took to using sensory materials such as water and fans to enhance the experience, which she loved.

Video of Jessica using Inclusive ClassVR:



Diagnosis: ASD

Mohsin is a very happy little boy who is always smiling but is always unsure of new situations and experiences.

The team allowed Mohsin time to process the device, his surroundings and also using the VR. Staff would put the headset on Mohsin for a few seconds giving him time to take this new technology in slowly. They would repeat this process.

The Pendle View staff were (in their words) "Amazed". This little boy is in a chair with very little movement. After a very short period of time, he was happy to wear the headset. Using ClassView within the Teacher Portal, staff were able to see that he was looking around and exploring each activity. For the entire session he was smiling throughout all of the activities.

Inclusive ClassVR allowed Mohsin to experience situations relating to Physical Development which he would probably never have the opportunity to experience otherwise.

Video of Mohsin using Inclusive ClassVR: