Control USB

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Control USB allows you to operate any infra-red controlled device or mains powered device directly from your Windows computer or Windows tablet.

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Access the Control USB software directly using your Windows device with your normal access system (mouse, keyboard, eye gaze, etc.).

The Control USB will operate any infra-red controlled device, from TVs to toys, and any mains powered device, such as sensory technology, directly from a Windows device. Using the included Control software, you can simply design on-screen grids to:

  • Memorise the functions of any infra-red device from the device’s remote handset
  • Control up to 16 mains powered devices via Enabler Socket+ (available separately)
  • Personalise the cells in the on-screen grid with the images and text that you want
  • Select the number of cells and their distribution in an on-screen grid
  • Activate macros (a sequence of actions) with a single on-screen cell

You can also use The Grid 2 or Grid 3 and even PowerPoint to operate the Control USB too.