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Control+ allows infra-red control of your environment from an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone and using the free Control App (download the free App from either Google Play or the Apple App Store).

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Using the infra-red learning system, you will be able to control your infra-red enabled devices such as television, stereo, air conditioning etc. Control the App on your device with your normal access system (mouse, keyboard, eye gaze, etc.). Pair with the Enabler Socket+ (available to purchase separately) and you can also control a wide range of mains operated devices such as lights, fans, sensory devices, food blenders etc.

Easily adjust the functionality and appearance of the Control App:

  • Customise the cells using the images and text that you want.
  • Customise each cell's function according to your requirements.
  • Create as many levels as you need; select the number of cells and their distribution in any level.
  • Memorise the functions of any other infra-red remote control.
  • Create macros; activate a sequence of actions from a single cell.
  • Control any switch adapted device from the switch output.