EnvirON Scanning Remote

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The means to control your world.

The EnvirON range of products is a great way to introduce and to teach environmental control to your students in the classroom. Whether you want teach your students how to control a TV, radio, lamps or kitchen appliances and access them through their iPad, switches or a scanning remote, EnvirON is a unique versatile range of products which allows simple control of both infra-red (IR) appliances and mains powered appliances of any kind.

EnvirON Scanning Remote provides the user with a method to control both IR and mains powered appliances from a single remote control.

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EnvirON Scanning Remote - large, touch sensitive buttons on the unit allow up to eight functions to be programmed. Can also be used for single or two switch scanning. Dimensions: 20.7cm x 9.2cm x 4.7cm. Each touch button 5cm x 1.5cm.

EnvirON App is available free of charge on the Apple App Store, the EnvirON App easily connects to the Hub to control your IR and mains devices. EnvirON App is fully compatible with iOS Switch Control allowing the buttons to be scanned using a Bluetooth device such as APPlicator or iSwitch.