Arcana Strum

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Providing an uplifting and accessible experience, the Arcana Strum empowers users to play guitar, it is a fun musical instrument that is extremely easy to just pick up and play.

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  • The Arcana Strum is a musical instrument designed to be extremely simple to learn and easy to play.
  • It’s the perfect musical solution, providing a full musical experience, with chords, tunes, riffs and scales, so that anyone can enjoy the uplifting rapture of playing music.
  • Designed specifically for the assistive technology market, the Arcana Strum is a compact device that can help anyone play guitar regardless of their physical ability.
  • Operation of the device’s unique handle design simulates the feeling of strumming a guitar whilst pressing one of the device’s keys produces a chord sound. All sound is produced via connection to an external device such as an iPhone or iPad.
  • Arcana Strum is adaptive and easily accessible, offering adjustable keys and handle sensitivity as well as right or left handed playing options. A range of optional accessories are also available, enabling users to play along using assistive switches or using alternative strum stick handles.
  • Innovative and intuitive, Arcana Strum can also help early users learn and develop their music education whilst igniting their passion for playing and listening to music in a fun and engaging way!
  • The included guideline handbook, downloadable songbooks, and theory documents provide a wealth of educational content to get you started on your musical journey. Due to the simple interface and the similarity to playing a guitar, teaching students to play the Arcana is easy for music teachers and does not require any special training. 
  • Please click here to see full details of all the accessories that are available.