Arcana Strum Accessories

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Arcana Strum Accessories

Providing an uplifting and accessible experience, the Arcana Strum empowers users to play guitar, it is a fun musical instrument that is extremely easy to just pick up and play. In order to make this musical instrument even more accessible there are a number of specially designed accessories available.

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Arcana E-Box

An expansion box that enables the Arcana Strum to be controlled by standard minijack switches.

  • Arcana can be adjusted to accommodate those with different physical abilities including those who use their feet, mouth or other parts of the body.
  • The E-Box enriches the instrument further. By connecting to different switches and sensors using the E-Box, players can benefit from a playing experience that is suited specifically for their needs.
  • The E-Box has six inputs; 5 that can be used to replace the 5 keys, and another one which can replace the strum stick.
  • The E-box enables connectivity with standard switches and sensors that are in frequent use by people who have various disabilities.
  • In addition, external switches, such as movement sensors, light sensors can also be used, so that anyone can play the Arcana Strum comfortably.

Arcana 3 Keys

An alternative keyboard for a more simplified learning experience.

  • The Arcana 3 Keys set is an alternative version of the standard Arcana keyboard (which has a set of 5 keys) which simplifies the learning and playing experience significantly. 
  • Changing from 5 keys to 3 keys is very simple - the keys are attached to the instrument by magnets, so changing them is quick and easy. Playing in 3 keys limits the note range and makes playing simpler by reducing the amount of octaves from 3 octaves to 1.5 octaves.
  • In addition, the 3 keys mode consist of 7 chords only, as opposed to the 25 chords available in the standard 5 keys mode and the 7 chords correspond to the 7 notes found on each scale. This makes a range of chords that is wide enough for users to enjoy their playing experience. 
  • After changing to 3 keys (which are larger and wider) and making sure the 3 keys switch located on the back of the instrument is activated, the user can start playing right away.

Arcana Strum Handles

Choose from a variety of simple to install alternative playing handles.

  • Y-Handle - secures and bonds the hand/foot in cases where the player’s muscle tone is very flexible and movements are less controlled. The strap can be adjusted to hold both a hand or a foot.

  • Flat Handle - similar to the bonded-strip handle – it secures the hand or foot. The main difference is its small size and its flatter shape. It is a great accessory that allows more flexibility, so players can use their arm, wrist or elbow freely, while strumming.

  • Ball Handle - this strum-stick handle has a ball styled handle. It's smaller than a golf ball, and is identical to the handle used in motorized wheelchairs. It can be grasped fully with the palm of the hand. Some people have difficulties playing with a large handle due to tight muscle tone they experience, therefore, playing with this smaller strum-stick can be more comfortable for them. It is suitable for those who have trouble opening their hand, those with limited finger control or even those who can only control the base of their wrist.

  • Narrow Handle - a simple upright rod that doesn’t contain a ball like structure. It is similar to a standard joystick handle. This handle was designed for those who require a unique grip. It is suitable especially for those who wish to use their thumb and index finger for holding, and it is convenient for anyone who requires a smaller surface handle, compared to the included handle.

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