Standard Switch Kit

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The standard switch kit includes a variety of wired button switches and more, incorporating a wide range of sizes, shapes and activation pressures to accommodate the requirements of most switch users.

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Our switch kits provide the opportunity to try a variety of switches with learners and determine the best solution for them. Bringing together our most popular standard switches, this must-have kit includes:

  • Big Buddy Button x 1.
  • Big Red Switch x 1.
  • Buddy Button x 1.
  • Jelly Bean Switch x 1.
  • Micro Light Switch x 1.
  • Mini Cup Switch x 1.
  • Piko Button 30 x 1.
  • Piko Button 50 x 1.
  • KajoButton Standard Switch x 1.
  • KajoButton Mini Switch x 1.
  • Smoothie Switch Large x 1.
  • Smoothie Switch Small x 1.
  • Specs Switch x 1.
  • Plastic box x 1.

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