Assessment Switch Kit

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A bespoke specialist switch package for users with limited motor control, incorporating a range of highly sensitive switches that require zero and minimal pressure to activate.

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Our switch kits provide the opportunity to try a variety of switches with learners and determine the best solution for them. Jam packed with innovative and specialist switches, this bespoke assessment  kit encompasses many of the specialist switches you’d want to try out with your learners just in case they offer the perfect solution, including:

  • Access Wobble Switch x 1.
  • Chin Switch x 1.
  • Mini Cup Switch x 1.
  • FingerButton Switch x 1.
  • Large Pal Pad x 1.
  • LITTLE Candy Corn 2 Proximity Sensor Switch x 1.
  • Micro Light Switch x 1.
  • Mini Pal Pad x 1.
  • PikoButton 30 x 1.
  • Pillow Switch x 1.
  • KajoButton Standard Switch x 1.
  • KajoButton Mini Switch x 1.
  • Small Pal Pad x1.
  • Vibe Lite Switch x 1.
  • Plastic box x 1.

Please note: colours and content may vary.