Counting Songs Bundle

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The Counting Songs bundle brings together two of our popular Inclusive Apps. Counting Songs 1 is principally aimed at young children beginning to count to 5 and Counting Songs 2 has been aimed at older children who may still be working towards developing their counting skills from 1 to 5 but may prefer content more appropriate to their age. 

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The Counting Songs Bundle provides opportunities for learning in a structured and stimulating way. Both Apps have been specifically designed to give additional support for those with special educational needs and learning difficulties by providing for ease of access with clear contrasting graphics, catchy well recorded songs in a variety of musical styles and with single and two switch access options. They are ideal for individual use or with a group by linking your iPad to a larger display.

Access and Differentiation Options

Each app has comprehensive menu options allowing for alternative access and content level:

  • Song Mode – requires different levels of user involvement while playing the songs
  • Activities – choice of count to 3 or to 5
  • Touch access requires touch to whole screen or large clear targets
  • Single or two switch access, scan speed and scan colour
  • Switch access options included (using available Bluetooth switch interfaces)

Special Written Songs

Each App has ten specially written songs, seven counting up from 1 to 5 and a further three counting down from 5 to 0. Number songs offer lots of opportunities for the repetition of numbers and their names in a fun and stimulating way to reinforce learning. The words in each song are very clearly sung to provide a good model for children learning number names and to make it easy for them to be able to join in and sing along. The pictures, numbers and words are presented clearly to enable the users to focus on the learning targets without unnecessary distraction.

In addition to the songs each App also contains two additional counting activities to involve the learner in counting up and counting along a number line. The lyrics can be saved the to the photo stream for printing.

Counting Songs 1

Counting Up:

  • Five Brown Teddies
  • Five Currant Buns
  • Five in the Bed
  • Five Little Ducks
  • Five Little Firefighters
  • Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer
  • Five Little Mice

Counting Down:

  • Five Fat Sausages
  • Five Little Monkeys
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs

Counting Songs 2

Counting Up:

  • Five Girls in the Ring
  • Five Players
  • Five Red Planes
  • Five Rock Stars
  • Five Sharks
  • Five Singers
  • Five Superboys

Counting Down:

  • Five Big Dinosaurs
  • Five Trains
  • Five Wicked Witches