Touch Balloons

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Touch Balloons

Fun for all ages! Develop hand-eye coordination skills by popping balloons as they float past.

Please note: Touch Balloons software is downloadable software delivered via email within 2-3 days of receipt of order.

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Use the mouse, touch monitor or switch to target and burst the balloons. Choose a large pointer or a cross-hair to aim.

An extensive menu allows you to choose direction of travel - up, down, left, right or, a real challenge, random! For the real expert you can also change the speed of travel and the number of balloons.

Additional options change the background. You can choose from a range of colours and sky effects or use your own pictures - have the balloons float across a picture of the school.

The program has bold or pastel colour choices to allow you to design activities to develop visual and tracking skills.

Technical Support

  • Compatible with: Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
  • Touch Balloons is now delivered by download (with an activation key).
  • MSI installer is available for site licence customers.
  • An active internet connection required for installation/activation.

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