Big Bang Patterns - iPad App

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Developed in conjunction with specialist teachers in the field of visual impairment, the activities have been specially designed for use with children with low vision, including those with cerebral visual impairments and complex needs. It is an ideal tool to assess preferences and develop visual skills.

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Big Bang Patterns contains four specially created sets of animated patterns, each containing twelve different animations, accompanied with a choice of music or sound effects.

These patterns have been designed to provide a range of visually stimulating activities with a choice of bold colours and movements including tracking, sliding and tunnelling.


Each of the four sets of patterns provides:

  • Twelve varied animated patterns with music or sound effects.
  • Where appropriate, the sound effects coincide with changes in the animation to give extra stimulus.
  • Choice of eight background and foreground colours (choose black and white for a great visual impact).
  • One touch option for maximum cause and effect.
  • Two touch option - first touch for static pattern, second to animate.
  • Choice of playing time for animated reward.
  • Different types of pattern allow you to investigate users preferences.
  • Great for assessing colour preferences by choosing different combinations.
  • Use with external display for greater impact.
  • One and two switch access options for simple choice making or direct cause and effect (suitable switch interface required).

The four pattern sets have each been designed to provide a good variety of different visual experiences.

 Hard Hitting

Strong, bold screen filling patterns designed to attract attention to the screen and including engaging tunnelling effects and attention grabbing music and sound effects.


Twelve basic, bold curtain patterns provide movement, including left to right and up and down. Vertical and horizontal moving lines and bars of varying thickness provide great opportunities to encourage and stimulate eye tracking.

Flying Shapes

A selection of shapes (single and multiple) of various sizes that move in different directions, including straight and circular motions, around the screen. Flying shapes has been designed to encourage locating and tracking skills.

Changing Shapes

Contains twelve static large shapes and images that provide visual interest and opportunities for discussion by morphing from one shape to another and back again. Their large size and animation has been designed to encourage the visual skills of locating and fixing.