Thumb Mouse-A

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The Thumb Mouse-A is a very sensitive analogue joystick. It allows you to control your computer with minimal movement of your thumb or fingers. It offers comfortable and ergonomic use with one hand and can be tailored to each user’s needs and capabilities and its operation customised.

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  • Access your computer in a simple and accessible way.
  • Personalise your mouse so it meets your needs.
  • Plug and play devices, compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Use the configuration software (details below) to modify each buttons’ function, speed, orientation etc.
  • Settings adjusted with the software are stored in the device so you can take them with you wherever you go!

Use the configuration software included to:

Adjust the speed, sensitivity, acceleration and auditory feedback. Orientate the device easily so you can adjust it to the user’s position. Determine the time needed for a button press to be considered valid. Configure the drag and drop function as a long press on the button you select. Configure the joystick directions to simplify access for people with inaccurate movements.

Thumb Mouse-A are iPadOS & iOS compatible

With the release of the new operating system for iPad and iPhone, iPadOS and iOS, users of assistive technology can now access new and exciting accessibility features on their device, in addition to the essential Switch Control features that have been present since iOS 7.