Switch Skills 1

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Switch Skills 1

This collection of easy switch timing activities is fun for all ages.

Please note: Switch Skills 1 software is downloadable software delivered via email within 2-3 days of receipt of order.

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The activities have exciting themes that provide all the motivation needed to help students who understand cause and effect to develop more disciplined switch use. The activities also encourage speaking and listening and help develop concentration skills. The bright, clear graphics are suitable for those with visual impairment and there is lots of sound and music too.

  • Racing cars: press when you see a car, to make it race.
  • Gorilla: press when you see the fruit.
  • Soccer Shoot: press to kick the ball.
  • Ready Steady Go: press when the traffic light turns green and you hear "Go!"
  • Catch the Crocs: press your switch when you see a crocodile. Can you get all six?
  • Monster House: an introduction to switch scanning. Choose a door and press to see if a monster is inside.
  • Sunflower: press when the bee reaches the middle of the flower.

The program keeps statistics about student performance and the options allow you to make the games more difficult as the student progresses.

Technical Support

  • Compatible with: Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
  • Switch Skills 1 is now delivered by download (with an activation key).
  • MSI installer is available for site licence customers.
  • An active internet connection required for installation/activation.

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