Smooth Talker with Levels

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Smooth Talker with Levels

The Smooth Talker with Levels has 8 minutes of recording time, 5 levels and superior sound quality, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which will give many hours of use between charges and it may still be used while recharging.

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Key Features

  • Eight minutes of recording and playback time and five levels with adaptive recording time on each.
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery - charge from a USB socket (can be used while charging).
  • Digital amplifier with twin speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Sequential, Random, Random (no repeats), Choice, Choice Progression, Converse, Auditory Prompt and Question/Answer playback modes.
  • Input socket for attaching a wired switch, or alternatively use a wireless switch such as the it-Switch.
  • Wireless toy activation using SimplyWorks Toy/Mains Appliance Controllers, or using the 3.5mm toy socket.
  • Built-in symbol holder.
  • Large (125mm), low profile, switch activation area.

The advanced memory management features in the new Smooth Talker with Levels allocates memory as it’s used, meaning that you can have a different amount of recording time for each level to meet your exact needs. The only limit is a massive 8 minutes, spread across the five levels. So, for example, you can have four minutes of messages on level 1, and one minute on each of the other levels if you wish, or any other combination that adds up to 8 minutes.

New playback modes have also been added, including Random (no repeats) which is perfect for choosing who goes next in a group activity, so nobody gets missed out and nobody gets two goes. Choice Progression is ideal for choosing items from a menu or list and Question/Answer mode is great for reiteration and reinforcement. And of course all the existing playback modes are still available. It also has the facility to add messages to your existing recordings without needing to erase what you have previously recorded.

A socket is provided for a second switch and is used in Choice, Choice Progression, Converse, Auditory Prompt and Question/Answer modes, or may simply be used instead of the main switch in Sequential or either of the Random modes. Because Smooth Talker is a SimplyWorks device, it may be paired with a wireless switch too. Toy output may be chosen on a message by message basis as it’s recorded. Although a toy socket is provided, Smooth Talker with Levels can be paired with a SimplyWorks toy controller such as it-Control or it-Control Pro, or can be used to turn on an appliance by pairing with it-Click-On Plus or iClick.


  • This device has a two year manufacturer's warranty. If any issues arise during this time, please contact  [email protected]