Sci-Plus Talking Scientific Calculator

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Sci-Plus Talking Scientific Calculator

This talking scientific calculator (non-talking version available) allows those with low vision to perform scientific, statistical, trigonometric calculations and fractions. It has a large, clear, high contrast 8 digit LCD display and a clearly audible voice from the earphone socket. Available in dark in Silver.

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Performs scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, and fractions. It has the ability to evaluate functions, and enables you to evaluate mathematical expressions.


  • High resolution, 7 inch, four-line colour display.
  • Listen to speech output via earbuds which are included.
  • Selectable foreground/background colours.
  • Long life battery, and includes USB charger and adapter.
  • Supplied with large print user manual.
  • Weight: 1.25lb (0.56kg)
  • Dimensions: 22.5cm x 3.5cm x 15.2cm.
  • Available in a non-talking version: Sci-Plus 3200 Scientific Calculator.