KAZ Typing Tutor - SEN/Dyslexia

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KAZ Typing Tutor - SEN/Dyslexia

A fast way to learn to type, the accelerated learning method provided by KAZ Typing Tutor teaches users to touch type correctly in minutes instead of hours. Incorporating a multi-sensory approach throughout, KAZ’s new SEN/Dyslexia Edition teaches typing skills whilst minimizing disturbances related to visual stress, by means of a unique 'preference screen', offering a choice of preferences.

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Recently developed further with the ‘Dyslexic Research Trust’, to produce a multi-sensory program teaching typing skills whilst addressing disturbances related to ‘visual stress’, by means of a unique ‘Preference Screen’ offering choices of; dyslexic friendly typefaces, font size, font colour, background/ filter screens, keyboard and ‘speaking keys’. Allows user to work at their own pace. Uses clear and simple grammar, records bookmarks, speed and accuracy.

Available as an online annual subscription or downloadable licences.

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