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Freedom is a four-channel device switcher that allows one switch to be routed to up to four devices, allowing a user to select which device the switch is to be used with at any point in time. Selecting the device can be achieved either by an extended press of the input switch, or by momentarily pressing a secondary select switch. Where an extended press is to be used, the duration of the press may be programmed from the keypad.

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Devices may be of any form, provided they have a conventional switch input via a 3.5mm jack socket. Typical configurations might comprise a communicator, a mobile telephone and a tablet computer. Some devices (for example the phone and tablet in the above example) may require additional equipment to allow connectivity, such as the APPlicator.

The number of devices present may be programmed into the unit, so that unused devices are not included when moving from device to device. Once all the necessary settings have been made, the keypad may be locked, preventing further changes. This allows a rehabilitation centre to configure the unit and then send it to the client without fear of the settings being changed, for example.


  • Routes a single switch to up to four devices.
  • Use an extended press of the main switch or a second switch to move between devices.
  • Selectable dwell time when using extended presses.
  • Powered from rechargeable battery or external power supply.
  • Fail-safe connection to device 1 when the battery is flat or power fails.
  • Lock facility allows the keypad to be locked once the settings have been made.
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 6.4cm x 1.8cm