Choose and Tell: More Nursery Rhymes

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Choose and Tell: More Nursery Rhymes

The fourth title in the highly popular Choose and Tell series - stories with choices! 'Nursery Rhymes' was so popular that we've created another one like it, but with different nursery rhyme characters.

Please note: Choose and Tell: More Nursery Rhymes software is downloadable software delivered via email within 2-3 days of receipt of order.

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Key Features

  • Choose from Little Bo Peep, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Little Jack Horner, Yankee Doodle or Pussy Cat.
  • Decide where to go and what to do.
  • Take Little Bo Peep off to the jungle on a flying carpet. Or will Pussy Cat go to the desert on his digger?
  • Great for getting children using their imagination.
  • Lots of fun adventures to enjoy, with delightfully comical results.
  • Lots of images are available for printing in colour or for children to colour in.

A review of Choose and Tell: More Nursery Rhymes.

If you have been the recipient of one of Inclusive Technology’s recent catalogues you will know they have undergone something of a transformation where product information is now provided alongside editorial, which broadly situates hardware and software in the context of a child’s developmental stage. So, among others, there are products suitable for experiential learning, those that encourage early cause and effect, and those that enable the user to make choices and select preferences. The Choose and Tell series belongs to the last of these, in that it provides children with a simple story structure but allows them to decide what happens next. To date we have had Choose and Tell: Nursery Rhymes, Choose and Tell: Legends and Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales.

This latest addition to the series returns to the nursery rhyme theme with five new characters: Little Bo Peep, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Little Jack Horner, Yankee Doodle and Pussy Cat. Once the program is loaded on your computer the child can choose which character to have an adventure with, the mode of travel, the destination, the treasure found, the monster encountered and the means of scaring the monster off.

Choices are made from two or three options at each juncture in the story – the teacher decides which – and the tale is narrated by the familiar voice of storyteller and illustrator Nick Wonham. As you would expect from Inclusive, the program can be accessed using mouse, touch screen, keyboard or one or two switches. There are also options to control scan speed and colour, for auditory scanning (where the options are read out) and a facility to help distinguish between involuntary and intended switch presses. As always the illustrations are wonderful and can be printed off for use in activities away from the computer.

Choose and Tell is a Nick Wonham creation

Growing up, Nick loved reading and writing stories that combined adventure, magic and monsters with daft humour.

His aim now, as an SEN teacher of 12 years, is to create resources that engage and motivate students, enable them to reach their creative potential, meet their objectives and make the curriculum more accessible and exciting.

As well as a teacher and software designer, Nick is also a printmaker and has illustrated two books with lino prints. He is married and has three children. All his family have posed for characters in his software, but they draw the line at modelling for the monsters.

Technical Support

  • Compatible with: Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
  • Choose and Tell: More Nursery Rhymes is now delivered by download (with an activation key).
  • MSI installer is available for site licence customers.
  • An active internet connection required for installation/activation.

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