Battery Switch Adaptors

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Battery Switch Adaptors

Turn any suitable* battery operated toy into a switch operated toy. Place the Battery Adaptor between the battery and contact, then plug a switch into the adaptor's socket.

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For more control, also use the AbleNet Switch Latch/Timer.

Simple switch devices are often used to introduce people to the use of switches. Observation of a child using a switch with a toy (with a battery adaptor) can be sufficient to establish whether or not they have an understanding of cause and effect; that is they are aware that their pressing the switch is actually causing the device to operate.

For some users this may have to be done by allowing them to make switch presses and to gradually establish a connection between this and their switch presses.

However, even the simplest switch toys can be put to more use by involving the users' in games based on their use of the switch. This can provide opportunities to refine their switch operation by developing more control.

* Please note - the toy needs to have clearly defined on/off states for the adaptor to work. If there is any physical intervention required after the toy is turned on (e.g. pressing a paw) the toy will not work. The battery adapter simply cuts power - pressing and holding the switch restores it.