TrackerPro 2

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The new TrackerPro 2 provides reliable hands-free mouse control for individuals who are unable to use a traditional computer mouse.

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TrackerPro's smoothness, accuracy, ease of use and performance in outdoor light make it the ideal choice for users that use head movement to access their computer. The smooth and pixel precise cursor control of TrackerPro 2 opens a world of possibilities for the user. An individual can use communication software, browse the internet, read a digital book, type an email, or just about anything else that can be done on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Improved features:

  • Updated electronics and tracking camera
  • Compact and modern design
  • Two integrated switch jacks for left and right click
  • Improved mounting hardware

TrackerPro 2 is plug-and-play and uses the standard mouse drivers already installed on your device. To get started, connect TrackerPro 2 to a computer, tablet, or phone with a USB Type A port. A small reflective dot is placed on the forehead, nose, or glasses of the user and small head movements control the mouse cursor movement. For left and right clicks, attach two switches (not included) or use a dwell selection software for automatic clicking (not included).

TrackerPro 2 is compatible with most Windows, macOS, Google Chrome, Android, iOS 13, and iPad OS13 devices.

Please note: an external power source is also required when using the TrackerPro 2 on an iPad with a Lightning connector. Please use an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and ensure that power from a wall outlet is plugged into the adapter for this purpose.

TrackerPro 2 are iPadOS & iOS compatible

With the release of the new operating system for iPad and iPhone, iPadOS and iOS, users of assistive technology can now access new and exciting accessibility features on their device, in addition to the essential Switch Control features that have been present since iOS 7.