SENse Flex Mini

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The SENse Flex Mini combines new technology with simple design to provide an affordable, fully portable interactive floor projection system for use in schools or at home.

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Simple to operate, SENse Flex Mini creates colourful engaging floor projections which respond and interact with body movement providing a complete sensory zone for those with limited movement (for one user at a time).

Being the size and weight of a medium sized suitcase the SENse Flex Mini can be moved easily from room to room, carried upstairs or transported by car. With mood lighting control the centre creates a sensory environment by allowing even those with limited movement to alter many aspects of their immediate environment. Using a swipe card any image, video and audio file can be easily added to the many effects available to build up a structured sequence specifically targeted at each learner. Teachers or therapists can design a programme around a pupil’s specific needs and link it to a swipe card for re-use at a later date. Multiple users can be added to the system and programmes can be changed by the simple swipe of a card. With in-built wheels the Inclusive Interactive Sensory Centre can easily be moved from room to room. The camera head lowers for easy access through doorways.


  • Requires only minimal movement.
  • Can be activated by light.
  • Swipe card with user profiles.
  • Content Suite of software.
  • Encourages exploration and fun.
  • Customisable to content to suit individual requirements.

Software effects include:

  • Water ripple.
  • Splat.
  • Sounds & Pictures.
  • Particle effect.
  • Scatter.


  • SENse Flex Mini: H 70cm x W 43cm x D 24cm.
  • Projected Image: H 109cm x W143cm x Diagonal 180cm.

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