Switch Interfaces for Control

Posted 24th July 2018

Which switch interface?

When developing a user’s switch skills it may be considered beneficial to introduce switch access to either a mains powered appliance or battery operated device. It’s important that the correct switch interface for either device is purchased as both interface types include very similar functions. 

Mains controllers

The Inclusive Click-On 2 and it-Click-On Plus are switch interfaces for operating mains operated devices, such as fans, lights and food mixers. They can be controlled either by a wired or wireless (it-Click-On Plus only) switch connection.

Inclusive Click-On 2

The Inclusive Click-On 2 can operate two mains devices by two wired switches. With two fully independent channels, it can operate two mains devices simultaneously using the same settings. With easy touch controls and clear indicator lights, it is simple to choose the desired functions which include:

  • Direct Mode - this keeps the device turned on whilst the switch is pressed. This can be used with something rewarding, such as a fun toy to help encourage someone to hold down the switch and to teach cause and effect.
  • Latched Mode - this mode allows the user to press the switch once to switch the mains device on and press it again to stop it.
  • Timed seconds Mode - this enables the user to select a running time in seconds of whatever mains device they have connected. This can be useful when teaching someone how to use switches. For example, you can time an item to come on for twenty seconds and then they can be encouraged to switch it on again by pressing their switch.
  • Timed minutes Mode - this enables someone to select a longer running time in minutes. This mode might be used for one item on a CD or for a radio programme. It could also be used when a longer running time is needed for an electrical device such as a bedside light.

Two switch control options include:

  • Co-Operative Mode - in this mode, two people (or one user using two switches) has to press both switches at the same time for a device to operate.
  • On/Off Mode - in this mode, one switch will turn an item on and the other will turn it back off. 

it-Click-On Plus

The it-Click-On-Plus has similar functionality to the Inclusive Click-On 2. In addition to the two switch ports included for wired switches, it also includes the facility to connect an it-Switch, a wireless switch than can operate up to 10 metres for easier access. 

As included with the Inclusive Click-On 2, the it-Click-On Plus includes the following modes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Latched Mode
  • Timed in Seconds Mode
  • Timed in Minutes Mode

And the following two switch control options:

  • Co-operative Mode
  • On/Off Mode

Battery operated devices

The it-Control, it-Control Lite and it-Control Pro are the battery device alternatives to the it-Click-On-Plus. They are small devices that can be controlled via an it-Switch (or two on the it-Control Pro) and are used for controlling switch adapted toys and other switch adapted battery devices. Many of the modes are the same as those described for the Inclusive Click-On 2.


The it-Control is a compact, single channel, wireless toy controller which includes the following modes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Latched Mode
  • Timed in Seconds Mode
  • Timed in Minutes Mode

it-Control Lite

The it-Control Lite is a much simpler device that does not include all of the switch latch and timer features of the it-Control or it-Control Pro. It includes:

  • Direct Mode 

it-Control Pro

The it-Control Pro can be operated via one or two it-switches or one or two wired switches and includes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Latched Mode
  • Timed in Seconds Mode
  • Timed in Minutes Mode
  • Co-op 1- two switches must be held down simultaneously for the battery-operated device to operate.
  • Co-op 2- One switch turns a device on, the other turn it off.