Supporting individualised learning using software and technology

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Supporting individualised learning using software and technology

Computer software and apps are a valuable resource to help learners with physical, sensory and cognitive difficulties by enabling teachers to create meaningful personalised learning experiences. 

Individualised content

The use of framework software allows for the teacher to easily create contents that can reflect the individual needs of the learner. Familiar pictures, sounds and words can be used to create meaningful and motivational activities adapted to reflect the interests and needs of the pupil.

Access for all

Programs such as those in Inclusive Technologies “Maker” series allow the use of familiar photographs, a variety of symbol systems, text, recorded sounds and voices. The flexible options can then be used to cater for individual access needs with a range of options including switches, touch screen devices etc.

Rewarding and recording

The flexibility of the programs allows for the creation of meaningful and rewarding feedback for the pupil on completion of activities rather than simple generic sounds and images.


iPads and tablets provide an excellent platform for many learners with special educational needs. Inclusive Technology are making it possible for the same earning activities to be available on iPad, Android and Windows devices. Being able to have the same content across devices allows for individual and classroom use of content as well as enabling students to have home use. Schools can also build up libraries of content to be shared across classrooms saving teacher time re-inventing resources.