Posted 21st June 2018

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a language programme designed to provide a means of communication to individuals who cannot communicate efficiently by speaking. Makaton uses signs, symbols and speech to help people communicate. Through the use of Makaton, children and adults with learning or communication difficulties can interact with others, be included in everyday life, take part in education, access information and services and fulfil their potential.

Today over 100,000 children and adults, use Makaton symbols and signs, either as their main method of communication or as a way to support speech. Makaton is the UK’s leading language programme for encouraging and developing communication, using signs, symbols and speech.

Why signs and symbols?

Signs and symbols give extra information which can be seen. Research has shown that signs and gestures are easier to learn than spoken words. Children and adults can use Makaton to let others know what they want, make choices, share information and understand more. This helps build and develop important communication and language skills. 

Makaton consists of a Core Vocabulary which contains the signs and symbols to support everyday communication and over 11,000 signs and symbols organised into topics like Food & Drink and Animals, Transport & Vehicles.

The Makaton Charity:

  • provides training to parents, carers, and professionals;
  • develops and produces printed and electronic resources;
  • works with others to make their information accessible;
  • provides advice and support to families and professionals;
  • works in partnership to influence society and empower people.

Visit The Makaton Charity for more information.