Joysticks for Computer Access

Posted 23rd April 2018

For users who experience difficulties in operating a mouse or are physically unable to do so, a joystick may prove to be a good alternative solution to control a mouse pointer. 

Simple Joysticks

Simple to operate joysticks such as the Optima Joystick provide control over movement and access to right and left button clicks. A drag-lock facility is also included for easy one-handed operation. 

Advanced Features

More advanced joystick models such as the n-ABLER and n-ABLER Pro offer additional features such as direction lock, double click with one press and scrolling options.

Wireless Access

A wireless version of the Optima Joystick is also available in the form of the OPTIMAX. Included with the OPTIMAX is a USB wireless receiver unit with an interference free operating range exceeding 10 metres 

Additional Features

Interchangeable handles such as T-Bar and Soft Ball handles are included with these joystick models providing a variety of grip options for different users.

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