Head Pointers

Posted 23rd April 2018

Head Pointers are devices which allow the movement of the mouse pointer to be controlled by voluntary head movements. A typical headpointing system comprises of a special camera which sits on monitor or laptop screen, small reflective dots that are placed on the user's forehead, glasses or finger and specialist software which coverts head movements into mouse movements and handles button clicking. 


The TrackerPro combines hands free computer operation with the unrivalled flexibility therapists demand. It features ultra-smooth pixel perfect tracking and a unique 'joystick' mode which can used by those with less accurate head control. The TrackerPro is very quick to set up and configure for individual movement ranges and speeds. Operated by switch or by Madentec's powerful 'Magic Cursor' dwell click and on-screen keyboard software, the TrackerPro is ideal from those with little or no control of their hands.


SmartNav gives you control of the pointer on the screen by tracking a removable, reflective dot that you place anywhere on your forehead, glasses or finger. Simply turn your head or aim your finger and the pointer follows. The smartNAV AT sits on top of your computer monitor and projects a cone of infrared light invisible to the human eye. A small infrared camera inside the smartNAV AT follows the movement of the dot and instructs the computer to move the pointer. The powerful NaturalPoint software gives you 'dwell' clicking and an on-screen keyboard.

GlassOuse Assistive

GlassOuse Assistive Device is worn like a pair of glasses and connects wirelessly to your computer or tablet via Bluetooth – no additional software required. Featuring a built-in motion sensor, GlassOuse controls the mouse pointer with slight head movements and maximum accuracy while allowing the user to click by bite or press of the lips on a blue ‘bite-click’ button 

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