Case Studies

  1. Cosmo at Swiss Cottage School

    Cosmo at Swiss Cottage School

    Swiss Cottage is an SEN school that focuses on holistic development through a flexible curriculum, which emphasises ‘Deep Learning’ by responding to each student’s learning point.

  2. Music Therapy at Cricket Green School

    Cosmo Case Study Cricket Green

    Cosmo is fantastic! I can’t say enough positive things about it. It’s really helping the students to develop their turn-taking skills, to work together, and to have the opportunity to give directions to the rest of the class.

  3. Inclusive Stories in the Classroom

    Inclusive Stories in the Classroom

    Inclusive Stories is used regularly to deliver cause and effect activities, accompanied with sensory props outlined in the lesson ideas and delivery guidance resources to provide greater stimuli.

  4. Virtual Reality in Special Education

    Virtual Reality Case Study

    Jacob used Inclusive ClassVR as part of a group of students. His speech was unbelievable, he used a wide range of vocabulary when describing what he could see. Using words that we had never witnessed before.


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