Quha Zono Mouse X Accessories

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Quha Zono Mouse X Accessories

Quha Zono Mouse X is a lightweight wireless hands free mouse operated with head movements. It detects motion and transforms it into intuitive onscreen cursor movement. There are a number of different mounting accessories available for Quha Zono Mouse X.

Please note: not compatible with Quha Zono Mouse and Quha Zono Mouse 2.

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Choose from the following mounting options specifically for the Quha Zono Mouse X:

  • Headband: a comfortable and adjustable headband offering a flexible and lightweight design that makes it suitable for most users. The headband features a magnetic holder for the Quha Zono X mouse for quick and easy attachment. The holder also includes a connector for connecting a 3.5mm switch for performing the functions of the left mouse button.
  • Quha Sento with Adjustable Headband: the world’s first contactless puff switch, clicking and cursor movements are precise and intuitive. Quha Sento can improve the user experience with almost any device.
  • Ear Clip: an easy to use magnetic ear clip including replaceable ear tips.
  • Eyeglass Clip: an ultra-light clip to attach your Quha Zono Mouse X safely and securely to your own glasses.
  • Magnetic Charging Dock: with USB-C.