Quha Zono Mouse 2

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Quha Zono 2 is a wireless hands free mouse operated with head movements. It detects motion and transforms it into intuitive onscreen cursor movement. Quha Zono 2 is a new version of the Quha Zono mouse including all its features and as well as a number of exciting new features.

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New Features

  • Gestures: Pause/un-pause (left right left right), scrolling (up down up down) and centering.
  • Settings: you can connect/configure two switches to receiver/two switches to transmitter.
  • Rechargeable battery: 60 hours full charge which is 2 x battery power of Quha Zono 1st Gen mouse.
  • Power saving feature: Quha Zono 2 will turn off after 1 hour if not in use.


  • Using gyroscopes and tracking the Quha Zono 2 is accurate and responsive to even small movements, you can simply plug in to your Windows device and be up and running in moments.
  • You can easily tailor it to your needs with Quha Dwell, Grid 3 or Dwell Clicker software and smooth out any vibrations or tremors, snap to targets and more.
  • For a complete solution the Quha Zono Mouse can be paired up with any of your preferred switches.

Choose from the following mounting options:

  • Head Mount Kit – including a Light Eyeglass Clip and a neckband, this kit makes putting on an removing the Quha Zono Mouse easy, quick and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Headband – a comfortable and adjustable headband offering a flexible and lightweight design that makes it suitable for most users.
  • Eyewear Kit – a light and comfortable alternative to a neckband which is great for using while resting the head on a pillow or headrest.
  • Baseball Cap – a cool alternative way of wearing your Quha Zono Mouse and comfortable when resting the head on a pillow or headrest.
  • Universal Wear Kit – enables use by a hand or a foot and includes a Velcro band and a soft holder for your Quha Zono Mouse.
  • Light Eyeglass Clip – an ultra-light clip to attach your Quha Zono Mouse safely and securely to your own glasses.

Quha Zono Mouse 2 Specifications

  • Dimensions: Length 5.9cm, Width 3.3cm & Height 1.5cm.
  • Weight 23g.
  • Wireless connection 2.45 GHz radiolink, operates up to 10m.

Quha Zono Mouse 2 is iPadOS & iOS compatible

With the release of the new operating system for iPad and iPhone, iPadOS and iOS, users of assistive technology can now access new and exciting accessibility features on their device, in addition to the essential Switch Control features that have been present since iOS 7.

For more information download our Quick Guide to the New Assistive Features for iPad OS & iOS.

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