PointIt! Joystick

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PointIt! Joystick

Compact USB joystick which gives accurate proportional control of the Windows mouse pointer.

Point-It! Joysticks are available as wireless bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth version of Point-It! can now connect to iOS devices and be used to drive the iOS switch control functions.

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  • Supports standard mouse button functions plus DoubleClick, DragLock and MouseSpeed.
  • 3.5mm jack sockets for connection of external switches on either side for left/right button control.
  • Two different knobs available, Standard and Ball. The Standard Knob has a switch on top for left button control.
  • Small size allows the unit to be mounted close to a user and fitted with standard mounting systems.
  • Dimensions: Standard Knob 11.5cm (H) x 11.3cm (W) x 10.7 cm (D). Ball Knob 10cm (H) x 11.3cm (W) x 10.7cm (D).

Bluetooth Version:

  • 400mAh Li-Ion battery.
  • Compatible with Windows/MAC/iOS and Android.
  • Dwell Click app available for Android devices.
  • Smart Connect allows you to choose which paired device to control.
  • Programmable options for iOS control.
  • Mounting ring allows for full control over the positioning of switches. Included with Bluetooth version only.

Dimensions: Enclosure D:70mm H:50mm. Joystick Height above panel: 55mm (Ball), 75mm (Switch).