LITTLE Step by Step

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The LITTLE Step-by-Step is the easiest and most effective way to provide sequential messaging to a user. Record a series of messages onto the LITTLE Step-by-Step, and you’re ready to go. Levels allow you to record up to three different sets of sequential messages that you can use throughout the day.

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The LITTLE Step-by-Step is perfect for telling a story, counting, or telling a knock-knock joke. The possibilities when using a LITTLE Step-by-Step are endless.


  • Better-than-ever digital sound loud enough for almost any environment.
  • Three recording levels with a total of four minutes of record time on the device.
  • 25% more battery life than older versions.
  • Includes red, yellow, green, and blue tops along with a clear snap cap that holds a picture symbol on the device.
  • Angled base for easy access.
  • 1 x 9V battery included.
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm x 10cm and 6.4cm diameter

Technical Support

  • The manufacturer highly recommendeds using a disposable (non-rechargeable) alkaline 9V battery with this device. Alternative batteries may be comprised of materials that do not distribute power in a suitable manner, and when installed, some users may experience inconsistencies.
  • If you suspect there may be a fault with your device (e.g. if message recording or playback is inconsistent), please first try installing a new battery before contacting our Support team.


  • This device has a two year manufacturer's warranty. If any issues arise during this time, please contact  [email protected]