Jumbo XL II Keyboard

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Jumbo XL II Keyboard

The Jumbo XL II Keyboard is an excellent first keyboard for young children. It has chunky one inch square keys that are colour coded and easy to find and press. The colours also help the user to identify vowels, consonants and punctuation marks.

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The Jumbo XL II Keyboard has all the standard keys with the exception of the numeric keypad. It has separate function keys (f keys), a Windows key and Shift keys on both sides of the keyboard.

Jumbo XL II Keyboard has USB connectivity as standard. In addition, there are two extra USB ports on the right hand side which are ideal for attaching a numeric keypad, a mouse, trackball, webcam etc. Windows or Mac compatible (all keys have a Mac function).

  • Available in uppercase white keys with black letters and uppercase or lowercase colour coded keys.
  • USB connection.
  • Dimensions: 48.2cm x 17.9cm x 3.4cm.