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Special and early education is all about learning through experiences. Rather than sitting in front of a screen or printed resource, Inclusive ClassVR immerses students in spectacular 360º environments that enhance and complement their real-world exploration and play.

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Special and early education is all about learning through experiences. Rather than sitting in front of a screen or printed resource, Inclusive ClassVR immerses students in spectacular 360º environments that enhance and complement their real-world exploration and play.

Virtual Reality designed for the Special Education Classroom!

The package includes four headsets housed in a bespoke storage and charging case, together with an easy to use Teacher Portal. With access to hundreds of curriculum-aligned, virtual and augmented reality resources, Inclusive ClassVR has been specifically designed to educate, motivate and raise engagement for students of all ages and abilities. It’s affordable too!

What's included?

  • Four VR headsets loaded with SEN content, setup and configured ready to go.
  • A portable and robust storage and charging case.
  • A 12 month subscription to Eduverse (including the ClassVR Portal and Avantis World).
  • Online access to training including lectures, videos and quizzes.

Inclusive ClassVR Headset

The ‘standalone’ headsets deliver fully immersive virtual and augmented experiences while being wirelessly managed and controlled by our innovative Inclusive ClassVR Teacher Portal. They are lightweight and comfortable; students can even wear eye glasses! With an HD screen, 8MP front facing camera, integrated Wi-Fi and a battery that will last the school day, Inclusive ClassVR is ready to go straight out of the box!

Inclusive VR Experiences

You will have access to a wide range of 360º videos suitable for students with learning difficulties, sensory impairments and physical disabilities.

Sensory Experiences - a selection of videos that provide engaging multi-sensory stimulation including landscapes, environments and scenes.

Physical Development - ideal for those students with physical disabilities providing the opportunity to experience things they may not be able to physically access. Videos and packs are added on a regular basis.

Ricoh Theta SC 360 Degree Camera - you can use the Ricoh Theta SC 360 Degree Camera to create immersive spherical content and experiences for your Inclusive ClassVR with this 360 degree camera that offers high performance, easy operation and a light-weight, compact handheld solution. See here for details.

S.E.N.D Resources

Also included is a collection of resources collated specifically to help students with special educational needs. These S.E.N.D Resources can be used as part of everyday lessons to help calm down and relax, or as part of a more specialised set of lessons. Playlists include: Attention and Focus, Calming Down and Cooling Off, Life Skills, Neurotypical Empathy, Physical Experiences, Sensory Experiences and Social Situations,

Curriculum Aligned Activities

Virtual Reality (VR)

The ClassVR Portal provides an easy way to find educational VR resources. Search hundreds of activities by subject, topic or even a keyword, and find readymade collections or individual resources to build your own lesson. You can even upload and store your own VR content, such as 360º images and videos, with just a few clicks.

Inclusive ClassVR also comes complete with a huge range of pedagogically sound, engaging content along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of students, leaving them with memories and experiences that help visualise and understand even the most complex of educational subjects. There are currently over 500 pre-made activities, instantly accessible and covering a huge range of topics and curriculum subject areas aligned to UK National Curriculum and US State Standards.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality brings educational content to life, allowing students to view and interact with exciting 3D models, providing greater engagement, understanding and ultimately knowledge retention. The Inclusive ClassVR headsets include a front-facing camera and an Augmented Reality Classroom App, so students can get up close and personal with content, such as a beating heart or Jupiter by simply looking at special QR codes on one of our worksheets.

Personalised Content

With Inclusive ClassVR and a 360º camera, teachers can create personalised virtual reality content. Teach important life skills activities that can help, educate and ready students to live and work within the community successfully, such as staying safe while crossing the road, travelling on a bus or train, managing finances when visiting a shop. The possibilities are endless.

ClassVR Portal

The ClassVR Portal makes it easy to plan lessons in just a few simple steps and then deliver them to every student simultaneously. Monitor what they are seeing and keep everyone on track, while guiding them through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way. Allow your students to learn, explore and experience virtual reality at their own level and pace.

Inclusive ClassVR includes a 12 month subscription to Eduverse (ClassVR Portal and Avantis World).

Secure Storage & Charging

Making sure the headsets are ready for class means keeping them safe, secure and fully charged. The rugged storage and charging case provides maximum safety and security within the classroom and allows all of your headsets to be charged safely and swiftly. The portable case allows you or your students to easily and safely move devices between classrooms, sharing the engaging experience with all students.

Online Training

Inclusive ClassVR includes Online CPD Training which has been designed to help you get the most from your new investment. The course consists of comprehensive, bite-sized lectures with short videos and quizzes, allowing you to learn at your own convenience. You’ll receive updates as we add more material to our online courses, so you can stay up to date with the latest features.


Getting technology working in different environments can be troublesome. Our team will setup and configure everything for you, so that when you receive your headsets, just turn them on and you are ready to start teaching!

Case Studies

“Staff were totally amazed with how he dealt with each activity. He particularly enjoyed the hot air balloon ride. Following Mohammed’s trial, Pendle View School are now looking to buy a 360º camera which will allow them to film situations which Mohammed and other ASD students struggle with and hopefully help them to deal with new situations better.”

Headset Technical Specification

  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A17 Processor
  • Stereo Speakers & Internal Microphone
  • 2GB DDR RAM & 16GB Internal Storage
  • 4,000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Net Weight: 400g
  • 8MP Auto-Focus Front-Facing Camera
  • Dimensions: 185mm x 155mm x 102mm
  • 5.5” 2560 x 1440 High Resolution Display
  • Light & proximity sensor / G-sensor / Electronic Compass / 9-Axis gyroscope system
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual band 2.4/5Ghz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack Out for headphone use
  • Aspherical lens with adjustable distance
  • Full Size USB Port & Micro USB Port for charging
  • Micro card slot for expandable storage
  • 1 year RTB warranty

Please note: this product has a 28 days returns policy. Visor colour may vary.

We are delighted to announce that Inclusive ClassVR has been selected as the winner in the 2019 SIIA CODiE™ Awards! Inclusive ClassVR has been awarded the title of ‘Best Solution for Exceptional Students’, a category which recognises the best applications specifically designed to benefit students with unique educational needs.