Inclusive ClassMate

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Inclusive ClassMate

A wealth of accessible learning solutions at your fingertips!

ALL of your favourite and award winning Inclusive software titles with the convenience of a 11.6” screen and the power of Windows 10.

Please note: to purchase in the United States please see Inclusive TLC

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A wealth of accessible learning solutions at your fingertips!

ALL of your favourite and award winning Inclusive software titles with the convenience of a 11.6” screen and the power of Windows 10.

Please note: to purchase in the United States please see Inclusive TLC

Affordable Teaching Tool

An ideal, affordable technology teaching tool for the special educator. Simple touch or switch settings are built into all activities enabling access for all early learners and those with physical difficulties. The Inclusive ClassMate provides independent power, flexibility for positioning, portability and convenient connectivity for your peripherals.

Accessible Educational Software

The Inclusive ClassMate includes 1000's of accessible student-friendly activities, all tailored to the needs of your students.

Powerful, Versatile & Ready to Use

The Inclusive ClassMate is ready to use out of the box, no need to install or configure any software or settings. Featuring a 64-Bit Quad-Core Intel processor, 4GB DDR 4 RAM, dual-band Wi-Fi, the great features of Windows 10 and all of your favourite Inclusive software are always with you, ready when you want them.

Complete Connectivity

With 2 full-size USB 3.2 ports and USB-C, the IT ClassMate lets you connect all your external devices without the need for additional hubs or cables. Whether you need files from your external hard drive or prefer to use an external keyboard and mouse, the IT ClassMate lets you work and play the way you want to.

Switch Accessible

Coupled with the iSwitch, the Inclusive ClassMate is the perfect solution for switch access in the classroom. The iSwitch comes with 24x functions, including two programmable switch ports. The iSwitch is easy to use and has no software to install. Available with product code 8540.

What's included?

Inclusive ClassMate includes our top 50 software titles including thousands of progressive and engaging educational activities taking students on their first steps of interaction with technology to making independent choices. No Internet connection needed, all software is pre-installed and ready to go.

Big Bang Series

One of our most popular series specifically developed for students at the earliest stages of interaction and those with visual difficulties. Bold, bright patterns, pictures, animations and sounds take students from sensory stimulation to simple choices. Extensive options make this series a popular assessment tool for teachers and therapists.

Counting Songs Series

Motivating software to engage learners of all ages and aimed at those just mastering early number concepts. Designed with familiar, catchy tunes, simple language and amusing animations to encourage counting up and down from 0 to 5 and with easy access so that all learners can join in. Each title also includes lots of supporting activities.

Switch Skills Series

Developed using many years of best practice research and expertise, the switch skills series offers a progression of teaching activities, beginning at an experiential level and early interaction through the range of skills required to be able to make independent choices using switches. The very useful Switch Progression Road Map is included in the Inclusive ClassMate Tablet package.

SwitchIt! Extra Series

These fun, easy to access stories are an ideal introduction to literacy and early language work. Just press your switch or touch the screen to see and hear the next part of the story. With lots of titles to fit with topics or specific interests, all including extra Flashcard activities for vocabulary teaching and Picture Builds for switch practice. Supporting printable resources are provided with each title.

Let's Go Series

A superb set of stories and interactive scenes suitable for students of all ages wanting to develop exploration and early decision making skills. With large, easy targets for touch access and a range of options for switch users, building to simple single and two switch scanning.

Choose and Tell Series

An extensive collection of early choice making activities. Engage your students with ever-changing creative story writing using our very popular Choose and Tell Series. Embark on magical adventures based on exciting nursery rhymes, legends of different cultures and fairy tales.

ChooseIt! Ready-Mades

Develop early Literacy, Numeracy and Science curriculum skills in small, rewarding steps with our award winning ChooseIt! Ready-Made Series. Each title provides motivational learning through positive reinforcement creating the perfect solution for all children who need extra practice with understanding key concepts. ChooseIt! Ready-Mades also provide performance statistics which are available and ready to print after completing each activity.

Target and Touch Series

These exciting programs are packed with motivating activities supporting the visual skills of locating, fixing and tracking static and moving objects. Target and Touch: Patterns include a range of activities with different styles of animated patterns and music rewards. Target and Touch: Music include activities with a cast of twenty musicians, from classical to fantasy, with a great selection of music. There are also some additional touch activities, including an introduction to dragging. The bright colours contrasting with a black background make these programs ideal for users with visual difficulties, such as cerebral visual impairment.

Technical Details

  • 11.6" Multi-touch Display (1366 x 768)
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Intel® Celeron N4020 1.1GHz, 64-Bit
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64GB eMMC Internal Storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • 2 x USB 3.2, 1x USB-C, 1 x microSD, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 5MP Front Facing Camera
  • 48Wh Li-on Battery

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