Echo® EV200™ Wireless Lapel Microphone System

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The Echo® EV200™ is a multi-purpose 2.4G wireless microphone system consisting of a lightweight lapel microphone transmitter and a mini receiver. The receiver picks up speech from the transmitter and can be used as an audio source for a wide variety of systems such as speaker amplifiers, communication equipment and personal listeners.

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The receiver is inserted into any standard microphone socket/ line input. The lapel microphone transmitter is positioned on a lapel/ near the mouth to pick up speech. Speech is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver and the volume can be adjusted on the device to the desirable level.

The Echo® EV200™ can be used as a wireless microphone for a loop system/personal listener or a PA system and operates at a distance of 15 metres.


  • Hands free lapel microphone.
  • Transmits sound to speech.
  • Amplifier/ Loop System/ PA System.
  • 15m operating distance.
  • Pairs automatically.
  • Up to 6 hours operating time.

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