EaRL Coding Robot: Floor Mats

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EaRL Coding Robot: Floor Mats

A range of floor mats designed for the E.a.R.L Coding Robot which was developed by coding education specialists and is a great programming resource for the SEN and primary classrooms taking their first steps in their coding journey by learning control, directional language and programming in a fun way.

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Treasure Island Mat

  • The E.a.R.L Treasure Island Map is sure to inject some fun and engagement into your SEN classroom.
  • Use E.a.R.L Coding Robot (sold separately) to play the role of Jim Hawkins, and take pupils on an adventure around the island, trekking the mountains, crossing perilous bridges and hopefully, finding the buried treasure!
  • Use E.a.R.L and the Treasure Island Map to develop communication and motor skills and to inject engagement in your lessons by providing your pupils with a learning experience through a multi-sensory approach.
  • Dimensions: 74.5cm x 74.5cm.</li> </ul>

Alphabet Mat

  • The E.a.R.L Alphabet Mat is a great accessory to use with your E.a.R.L Coding Robot (sold separately).
  • Guide learners around the alphabet and teach letters, sounds and even spelling in a multisensory way. Add to your bank of spelling resources by recording spellings, sounds or letters.
  • Teach literacy in a fun and engaging way using the E.a.R.L Coding Robot as the vehicle.
  • Dimensions: 76.5cm x 76.5cm.

2D Shape Mat

  • The E.a.R.L 2D Shapes Mat is the perfect introduction to the pictorial representation of shapes.
  • Using the E.a.R.L Coding Robot (sold separately) as a guide for learners, teach your SEN class about shapes, whilst introducing simple coding skills.
  • Dimensions: 76.5cm x 76.5cm.