Communicator 5 from Tobii Dynavox

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Communicator 5 from Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 is a software package that helps individuals with communication disabilities communicate efficiently. It converts text and symbols into clear speech, and offers tools for computer access, long distance communication, environmental control and more.

Please note: Communicator 5 software is downloadable software delivered via email within 2-3 days of receipt of order (not USB version). Software is for 3 installations. Available to UK customers only.

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Communicator 5 comes with language content designed to match various AAC needs, from emerging communication to literate adults. The content can be further customized for specific individuals through easy-to-use editing tools. The modern user interface, improved workflows and smart functions enable the user to communicate quicker than before.

The setup guide, quick menu, and improved editing are only some of the functions that make it easier for caregivers, SLPs, Special Education teachers, family members or anyone else that help the user throughout the day, to keep the user’s language up to date.

While being specifically designed for the Tobii Dynavox I-Series+, Communicator works on any Windows computer running Windows 7 or newer, such as the Microsoft Surface.

Long distance communication and social media

Communicate long distance by using ready-made pages and functions for online chat, e-mail and telephone text messages (SMS).

You can even make a phone call using the synthetic voice[1].

Keep friends and family in the loop by updating your social media status with the built-in Facebook page set[2]!

Environmental control

With Communicator 5, you can control IR-enabled devices in your environment.

These include your TV, toys, adjust bed positions, turn lights on or off and much more.

Access to your Windows computer

Communicator 5 can give you access to the functionality over Windows applications that are not part of Communicator itself via the Communicator Windows keyboard and Tobii Dynavox Gaze Interaction Software.

Key features

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 is packed with features to make communication more efficient:

  • Quicker typing speeds for literate eye gaze users - Dwell-free typing lets individuals who use eye gaze communicate much more efficiently than ever before. Other functions that enhance the rate of communication are word prediction, speech history and commonly used phrases
  • Improved on-screen keyboards - There are several keyboard layouts, with different button sizes to choose from and the possibility to create a personalized keyboard. Set separate dwell times for the keyboards than for other parts of Communicator 5, so you can adjust the typing speed to your preference. The keyboards also offer optional auditory feedback for key presses
  • Improved Edit Button tool for quick changes - The improved “Edit Button tool” allows you to easily make simple changes to buttons. The full-fledged edit mode gives you access to all the advanced tools
  • Instant access to commonly used functions - The ”Quick Menu” gives caregivers access to the most commonly used settings and functions in Communicator
  • Contemporary look - Communicator 5 has a contemporary design that not only looks good but also makes Communicator easier to use.
  • Help to get started - When you add a new user, you are taken through a setup process that creates the basic content for one of three predefined levels – emerging, symbol or text user
  • Free contents online - Communicator works with the free community where can download page sets and other resources
  • Free form button shapes - Use the polygon tool to draw the custom shaped buttons around objects in visual scenes
  • Windows 8 support - The bigger buttons in Windows 8 make it easier for the user to press with their fingers and easier to hit for those who use gaze interaction. Caregivers no longer need a peripheral keyboard and mouse to make changes, not even for advanced settings.[3].
  • System status via Status Bar - The Status Bar gives basic information about the Wi-Fi connection, battery level, volume level and track status.
  • Improved e-mail setup and use - You will be able to setup your e-mail account in minutes and with the new search functionality and improved handling of attachments and contacts, using e-mail has become much easier and efficient.
  • Built-in applications - There are built-in applications and page sets for sending e-mail, social media, playing music, calendars and more

Please note: Available to UK customers only.