Magic 508 Ball

Photo of Magic 508 ball, a dodecahedron with all the 508 regulations on it, relaxing poolside

What is the Magic 508 ball?

It's a cardboard 12-sided figure (dodecahedron) whose sides are covered with all the Section 508 regulations.  That's right -- everything from 1194.21 in Subpart B to 1194.41 in Subpart D!  What a value!

Can someone like me actually get a Magic 508 Ball?

Yes, you can.  Just send us email requesting a Magic 508 Ball.  Then  wait a few weeks for delivery.  It's that easy.  Of course, it gets harder once it's delivered -- there's lots of assembly required.

What plans are there for the Magic 508 Ball?

As people order them, we will think about the questions and answers they submit in the order form. Then we'll change the design and add features accordingly -- user-centered design! We're even looking at an icosahedral (20-sided) design for ease of assembly and improved ballosity.

What can I do with my Magic 508 Ball?

Unfortunately, it's not a solution to all your accessibility concerns.  Or any of them -- yet. We have plans. But right now you can't ask it any questions.  Actually you can, but it can't give you any answers. And you can't rotate the sides to solve some sort of puzzle.  It's really pretty free of features.  But some people are finding Section 508 frustrating to work on, and people under such stress may feel the need for a physical outlet.  Remember, your Magic 508 Ball is made of flimsy, highly flammable cardboard, and it's only as robust as the glue, tape, or staples you used to assemble it.  

What if I'm still frustrated after I act out on my Magic 508 Ball?

You might want to remember that Inclusive Technologies offers the most comprehensive and expert services on all accessibility issues.